Photo by Diana Klonek

I create art to interest the eye and the mind, to create what John Dewey calls "an aesthetic experience." I begin with the assumption that art occupies space where something interesting happens. The “what happens” involves the interplay between the eye of the viewer and the aesthetic object. I work to balance and juxtapose forms, textures, materials, and colors to create this interest for the eye. I want the work to be emotionally suggestive, not declarative—to create a subtle melding to allow the work to provide varying and lasting pleasures for the eye—both emotionally and intellectually.


I emigrated from South Africa to Canada at the age of 18, and went to college on the East Coast. After graduation, I moved to the West Coast for my master's degree. I then headed to Canada where I earned a doctorate in 20th Century Literature at the University of Calgary. After spending several years teaching in Canada, I moved to California where I spent ten years teaching at Pacific Union College. I returned to Canada and live in central Alberta where I teach at Canadian University College. I studied art at Atlantic Union College (Massachusetts), at La Sierra University (California), and at Red Deer College (Alberta, Canada).

I have had shows in Alberta, Canada, where my work is in public collections, and in California.